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“The Tea” // Sunday Journal Entry … Chit-Chat: Quiet Mornings + Gift Giving + Health Habits

Have you ever gotten up so early that you felt the stillness in your environment + it’s an amazing thing.  I never use to be an early riser (before my daughter) + and once you have kids you appreciate your mornings because you know you can get the most done in a two or three hour window.  Those days are long-gone and my child is grown + but I still love waking up before everything happens + when it’s dark + when it’s still + and most of all … when it’s quiet.  I take this time to allow my body to wake up + to meditate and think about my day + it’s also when I reflect on the previous day + or anything that’s taking up space in my head.  Early mornings are also time for yoga and or stretching + so by the time 9am rolls around + I’m awake and alert and ready to start my day.  Now I will admit that this is not a practice that’s in my regular routine + I’m just like everyone else … I like my bed + I like sleeping late when I can + it feels good and my body needs it.  I’ve learned not to ignore the signs my body is giving me when I can’t wake up right away + it means I need a little more rest + and I gladly accept that.  Rest is the most important thing you can give your body when your older + but that peace and that quiet is the next thing + time to decompress + time to daydream … no day but today (bonus point if you know where that is from).

That early morning reflection is a blessing during the holidays.  I use to drive myself mad worrying about gifting friends and family.  Did I get everyone on my list + is the gift appropriate + am I on budget … and things like that.  It took me a long time to realize that while people love your gifts + they love you more + so your presence is much better than that store bought gift.  I’ve also (over the past few years) made gifts.  Crochet scarves and hats + as well as homemade hot coco in mason jars.  I was really surprised at the IMG_1184response.  These gifts took a bit more prep and planning but I found that my folks appreciated that I took the time to make something.  I never thought that being on the giving end would feel so satisfying.  I only make gifts for close friends and family + and I typically give gift cards to co-workers because I know they will use them.  No one ever turned their nose on a Starbucks gift card + or one from Trader Joe’s … I know that people will actually use them + and yes they are impersonal but (damn) it’s principal of the thing … which says that … “I though about you and what you need so I thought I would give you a little something.” 
As the year comes to an end it’s usually the time when people make several New Years resolutions.  Promises to be a better person + to be patient + to be healthy + and to set goals …. etc…etc.  I’ve always failed miserably at sticking to a resolution.  Yeah I may say + I’m gonna exercise + and I will until February and then … well … you know what happens.  It happens to everyone who’s ever made a resolution to do something and couldn’t follow through.  Life happens + so you give up one thing for another.  I figure that if I do these things all year long then I don’t need to make promises at the beginning of the year.  I’m already in the habit of rolling with it.
Eating better has been the one thing that I constantly struggle with + I have to watch my diet closely because everything I eat affects my blood-sugar + so I’m always back and forth which causes more stress + and that’s something that I’m really making a resolution to have less of in 2018.  My doctor says I should eat clean …. when she said this two years I thought … “Isn’t that what I’m doing”….apparently not.

Clean eating is a deceptively simple concept. … At its simplest, clean eating is about eating whole foods, or “real” foods — those that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible.” (Source:

Ok seems easy right + it’s just a matter not eating anything processed + which is harder than it sounds. I can stay away from baked goods + microwave meals + and anything that has more than 5-7 ingredients + or anything I can’t pronounce.  This healthy habit has been a miracle at helping me achieve my goals + and yes every now and then I will eat that fast food chicken sandwich + but it has nothing on it + and it’s not that I can’t have a baked good + but I need to be the one who bakes it.  It’s a matter of knowing exactly what goes in your food that allows you to eat cleaner and feel better + and I’m all about feeling better.  Your gut health is very important + and something you should always consider when you choose any type of eating plan or new lifestyle.  My clean eating and cutting back on dairy was not just beneficial in controlling my blood-sugar and cholesterol + but my skin was a major factor in changing my diet.  Having adult hormonal acne is a kill-joy + but something I’m dealing with and managing.  The struggle is worth it and I know that if I stick to it + my body will definitely benefit from all the healthy changes I’m making.  With that I’ll bring this entry to a close…(Know thyself). –Wye

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