**I Want That Camera**

I love my camera + my camera is my friend + it’s my ginormous + 5 pound friend.  I have a Nikon D90 (Nikon’s first DSLR that shoots video) … and when I got it (refurbished) I loved it.  I used for all of my class projects + and any important shoots that I had.  The sound quality is not great and that’s because it was the first + and it doesn’t have the capability to attach it to an external mic like a Rode.  However it was (is) my ride or die camera.  The problem for the past few years has been the weight.  Once you add the lens + and I have a ring-light that use for my ball jointed doll shoots + the camera becomes super heavy.  It’s definitely not ideal for vacations + or short trips.
Since I’ve been looking for a new camera I thought my selection process would be easy +  naturally I wanted the Nikon DL 18.5 + which was awesome.  I peeped this camera before it was set to release around June 2016.  I assumed the transition would be easy because I was staying in the Nikon family + I’ve had a D40 + and I own a manual N80 so again … easy.  I waited and waited (basically for the price to come down) + then I finally ventured to the website and saw that Nikon cancelled the release of this camera.  Mind you I wasn’t going to purchase this thing right away because cameras cost money (A LOT OF MONEY) + it’s an investment.  So the tingle went away and I started looking at film camera’s and then lost the mojo.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 10.56.00 PM
However Black Friday weekend while at Best Buy (because I’m always looking) + I got to test drive yet another camera.
I have now set my sights on the Sony a5100 16-50mm Mirrorless Camera.  It’s one thing to see it online and think … ok this might work + but it’s another to hold the camera + take a few pictures and test out the features.  It’s compact + has interchangeable lenses (which I always look for) + shoots video with pretty good sound quality + and even in the harsh florescent lighting of the store the color for the video and pictures was amazing.
Some Features::

  • Ultra-fast auto focus w/179 AF points (which basically means it has a fast focus Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 10.56.38 PMand the sensor can detect and track moving objects)
  • Capture photos in high resolution 24MP APS-C sensor (great detail in your photos and video)
  • Record full HD
  • Half the size and weight of other DSLR’s (I’m sold)
  • Easy one-hand use with convenient power zoom lever
  • Take selfies with the flip screen (that’s always important)

This needs to happen (seriously) + because the price is reasonable.  I’m squirreling away my money now + and fingers crossed I can have this bad-boy by January.  An extra special late Christmas gift for me + which also gives me zero excuses for my 365- photo challenge.  I always recommend going into the store to purchase a camera (which I didn’t do for my D90) + while the sales folks are there to make a sale + it’s still good to actually speak with someone knowledgeable and test drive it before you buy it. — Hey…thanks again for visiting my blog today! — Wye

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