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It seems like you can get everything now via a monthly or weekly subscription + from snacks + to meals + to beauty items + there is something for everyone.  I use to get the Onyx Beauty Box which was gifted to me but I never used everything in it.  It was great trying out new products + and what I didn’t use I would just give to a friend + but it was still wasteful because I still have things from that subscription that was cancelled at least 6 months ago.  While watching my regular YouTube videos  I got turned on to Grove Collaborative by YouTuber “Love Meg”.
Grove Collaborative is an online subscription service that has products for your home + personal care + and items for baby and kids.  I signed up at the end of August and got my first order in September + and let me tell you + nothing has gone to waste.  Now I’m not a cleaning fanatic + but I’m a sucker for cleaning products (dare I say hoarder).  At Grove Collaborative I can get the “earth-friendly” brands at much cheaper prices than I would find in the store + and my deliveries are scheduled once a month.  They carry all the popular brands like Ms. Meyers + Seventh Generation + Method + and Kiss My Face…etc.  I also got some really nice cleaning accessories.  Through Grove Collaborative I have a $10 credit for all new customers + so it’s definitely worth checking it out at https://www.grove.co/home.

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