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Feed Your Mind [meditation app]

For a time I’ve had trouble getting to sleep.  I do sleep through the night + but it’s the actual falling asleep I struggled with. I tried everything + turning all electronics off and then laying in total darkness.  All that did was make me think more + which kept me up because I couldn’t turn my brain off + my doctor even put me on Lunesta for a time + and I really hated the effects of that.  I just stopped taking it and eventually I was able to overcome falling asleep on my own by doing some things at night help promote some relaxation. I would take hot bath + do some yoga + and cup of calm tea. Reading right before bedtime was helpful as well.  I know the TV is my issue + but for me the TV would always make me fall asleep. A good old black-and-white classic always did the trick (it was the soft light of the TV + and the way they spoke).  I still Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.13.30 PMwanted to learn a better way to fall asleep so I begin searching apps and found the Guided Mind.  The Guided mind is an app available on iTunes or Google Play that guides you through meditations to help you deal with the stress and the challenges of life. — App Store
I know your supposed to turn off your phone and your electronic devices because they interfere with sleep but doing a little bit of meditation (from the app on my phone) worked for me in additional to the other things mentioned.  It wasn’t 100% but it calmed my mind + and prepared my body for sleep.  I’ve been using this app off and on for about a year + and I do enjoy it.  I’m still learning how to turn my brain off.  The app is very easy to use + and once I turn my TV off this app goes to work.
My problem begins when I start to get sleepy + so I’m thankful that now I’m getting asleep on my own + and once I feel sleepy + I turn off everything and then go to the app.
I have favorites saved in my library but when I want to listen to some meditation + I can pick from the library + and add it to my favorites so it’s easy to access when I need it.
I’ve found that I’m really tense at night so anything that reminded me of a summer night like crickets + a rainfall + or storms are very relaxing + after about 10 minutes I’m out.
There are step-by-step instructions to help guide you if your new to mediation + you can pick your color for your mood + and they give you other suggested apps to try.
The Guided Mind app is free + however you can purchase more intense meditations and sounds via the in-app purchase feature from your phone. I hope this is helpful for anyone needing to relax or focus on a task.  Thanks so much visiting. — Wye


The Guided Mind App from iTunes

The Guided Mind App from Google Play


I have not been sponsored by iTunes + Google Play + or Guided Mind + I just want to pass along some information that I find helpful in my life.


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