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Yes I realize that I’m always late to the party but I thought I would share my October favorites + in true fashion it’s better for me to share them now because I’ve had the whole month of October plus the first two weeks of November to really say … “hey I like that!”

NEST + DAHLIA & VINE – Perfumes are always fickle + what smells good on someone else may not smell the same on you.  Everyone’s body chemistry is different +so I’m adding Nest to my list.  I received this as a birthday gift + and it’s my daily go-to scent.  Nest has so many varieties + your bound to find the perfect scent for you. Whether you like musk + flowers + or a just a clean perfume Nest never disappoints.
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream Daily Face & Body Moisturizer – A great head-to-toe moisturizer that’s creamy and great for the cooler months.  I have hormonal acne + and I use Differin Gel + so this is a great accompaniment to help protect my skin from the drying out process.  I use it on my face when it’s still damp from cleansing and it’s perfect.  I wear this under my make-up as a daytime moisturizer + and a night-time cream.
SIGNATURE SOY + NO. 380 –  The Hickory Hearth candle (one of Target’s popular scented candles) has been my favorite for October + with a hint a hickory (that wood burning smell) that’s just the right balance.  I can actually burn this candle without my head hurting + and if you burn it for a few days the smell tends to linger + I just love coming home to this scent.
Mrs. Meyer’s + Blubell – Mrs. Meyers is no big secret and I’ve used a few products off an on over the years + however since they’ve introduced their new scents I’ve been in love with Blubell.  The scent is strong but not overpowering and it cleans very well + it’s a really good basic all-purpose cleaner that makes your house smell wonderful. This scent is also available in the dish soap + laundry detergent + and hand soap.

Thanks for reading + check back soon for my November favorites!

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