Morning Pages (750 Words)

I’ve never been one to journal on a regular basis.  Every year I proclaim that I will start a journal + and from January through February + I’d write every other day + and then less and less as I loose steam and forget why I was journaling in the first place.  It’s nice to have a medium for your daily thoughts.  When I was younger + I would just spill the tea on all the juicy stuff happening in my life but I never dealt with anything that was negative.  I didn’t realize (at that time) + that writing it down was the best way to move past the situation.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve really felt the need to get things out of my head + leave them on the paper + and reflect.  I would ramble on and say whatever I had to get off my chest … it was [is] cathartic.
The current trend of morning pages or 750 words is writing  3-pages every day (or how ever many days you can do) + to release those thoughts and unblock what may be keeping you from flowing through your day.  I needed a spot to talk about upcoming projects + goals + what was pissing me off + photography goals and so on.

This wasn’t going to be easy for me because my handwriting is terrible and I can’t keep up with what I’m thinking fast enough to get it down + however I can type as fast as I can think it + so that part was easy.  I began searching and found a site called 750Words which worked out really well.  I looked forward to having my morning coffee and hammering out my thoughts of the day + until one day (day 30) I went to the website for my morning ritual and there it was.  “Thank for trying out 750Words, but now we want your money.”  I actually contemplated giving up $4.99 per month for a service that let’s me type out my daily thoughts and tells me how I’m feeling by picking out key words from what I’ve typed.  Sounds great right + however I can type my thoughts in a word document for free + and I know how I’m feeling after I’ve typed the first two sentences + so what am I really paying for … an algorithm… a community of people that journal + it’s an expense that I don’t need.  So back to searching to look for another spot and there it was Penzu + which was perfect.
Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 9.35.25 PM
Penzu is a customizable online journal that you can access from your PC or via the mobile app.  There is a free version (perfect for me) and a pro version that let’s you add cool features such as fonts and sharing capabilities.  For me I didn’t need any of that +  I just wanted a place to do my daily “brain-dump” that I can access anywhere.  Journaling has been the best therapy for me. I can say whatever I want + however I want … unfiltered.  Try it out…and maybe you’ll find that you get through your day better + just by writing it down.



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