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{The Week After}…Goodbye Halloween

Yes it’s over and it will be missed + putting up decorations two weeks into October just to take them down after is so sad + it’s sorta like Christmas but with a lot less flare + this year is no different as I try to figure out how I packed things so neatly last year + to then get them all packed this year + without crushing anything (especially DIY’s).  What I should have done was take a picture of how it was packed which could make things easier going forward.  Finding the 30+ cut-out bats that I painstakingly made for Halloween 2016 could have been easier.  Pulling stuff out this year was a surprise…with thoughts like “I bought that” + “When did I buy that” + “Why did I buy that” + and “What in the devil am I using it for”.  Yes + it’s life’s simple pleasures of storing things when you have a small space that can be quite challenging + however that hasn’t stopped me from purchasing + and seeing even more things to purchase (that are on sale now) that I don’t have room for + but I digress in my farewells + I’ve gone back to a partial amount of my fall decor which will be around until December 1st…good bye October…I miss you already.

**Here’s a peek at my September and October decor.**













…and I didn’t forget the previously mentioned + I took a quick picture of what I stored, so when I take it out next year + I’ll have a record of how I fit things in.  I also donate what I’m not using which keeps me from buying more bins + and while I still  have to store away the fall decorations that are left + they should fit in with no issues.
The “In This Space” storage bins can be found here http://inthispace.com/ .  I got mine from Amazon back in 2015.  Since this particular size is no longer in stock on Amazon this is a link from the website.

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