So Many Post!

Yes I know sorry for the posting upchuck +  but I’m only saving my content from another blog in order to link some older post.  In this process I made more work for myself + but I didn’t realize that changing my hosting site would be so cumbersome.  All of my previous content remained on the older site + and I didn’t want to re-post them on the new site (because they dated back to January) so I just thought that I would post them here in this dedicated spot.
I know what your thinking + I’m a terrible blogger (on this site) because I haven’t posted in a really long time + but if your not feeling what your doing 100% then you shouldn’t be doing it.  When it feels like a chore and it’s no longer a hobby + then you shouldn’t be doing it…and you get what I mean.  With time comes life changes + family issues + and my overall well being.  These factors combined really put things into perspective.  I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to talk about + and would anybody care.  I love blogging + I love having this brain dump to get it out + and to express some creativity at the same time.  So yes I’m at it again….and if you want see more + head on over to “The Dollplace Project” or you can check out some of my older post here + where I blogged about the progress and setbacks of creating a diorama for my small doll collection.  Thanks again for hanging with me + and I hope you still continue to follow. — Wyetha

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