Project Interim: "Spring Cleaning"

This week is not such a mystery. + I’ve actually decided to do a bit of cleaning, and donate or give away some much needed items to make space for new ones.  It’s been such a gloomy weekend, and with no natural light it makes it even harder to get a good photo, so I figured maybe it’s time for a quick break from the building and creating … and, in the interim do a bit of cleaning and purging. + So I’m clearing everything out of the tiny space, then wiping it all down. + I’m going to sit out the items from the doll space that are not working.  After the space is done, I’m going through the bin of clothing and accessories that I’ve acquired over the years. + Several of the items don’t fit properly because all of my BJD’s vary in size slightly.  + It’s even harder to get things for Mitsuki (MyDolling + HeeAh). Certain clothes and shoes are harder to fit her so I’m purging and or donating those items as well.
++ Here’s a recap! ++
Clearing out everything in the space (I know it’s a lot of shoes)
Here’s an overview of everything (sorry for the blur + I can’t blame the camera on this one)
I wiped down everything
I trimmed some of the pieces of the floor tiles
Then I put everything back in place + I really didn’t need to purge anything that was in the dolly house + so everything stayed
Now it’s time to go through my box of dolly stuff + and take out what’s not working + and refresh my memory on what I have + I did a purge a few items last October + so this should go quickly
I don’t have that many tops but the few that I have I’m keeping them all + which is a total of 8 + when you have three girls it’s always seems like you need more of everything.
An item that’s definitely a keeper is this sweat-shirt from an Etsy seller (TTYA) + while shipping took at least a month + the detail is amazing + this is actually the back of the shirt so it’s really easy to get them in and out of it.
Another keeper is this cute tank top + that I accidentally pulled the string from (I’m so clumsy) it fits all of my dollies so I will get around to fixing it soon.
This particular item never worked at all + the dress was for my Chloe MiniFee + but I could barely fasten it in the back + and since that is my smallest doll (Siya) I really didn’t bother to try it on anyone else + hat on my left and the skirt on my right is not working either. + If anyone is interested in them drop me an email or a message and I’ll be happy to send you the details.
Leggings are universal so always hold on to these + I also have one pair of tights + and 5 pairs of thigh highs
Shoes are also hard because my HeeAh can only fit the boots + sneakers + and the Mary Jane’s + she can’t fit any of the cute flats + I know I don’t kneed the shoe boxes but they are just so stinkin cute so all of this stays.

My lunch box has extra accessories + decor items + and extra glass eyes

Wigs are also hard my HeeAh (Mitsuki, shown) she is a size 6 wig  + my other dolls are 7-8 + so she has the same body type but a smaller head + the only way she’s fitting into this wig is because of a wig cap underneath

Good bye to these fur wigs + they never fit right


My donation pile

I almost forgot that I made these about 2 years ago for a class (I promise a tutorial is coming + along with the lights)

Everything else is back in the box with room to spare


Thanks so much for visiting my blog + I hope everyone has a happy Sunday + and come back next week where I’ll be working on something new from my long list here on the Dollplace Project.

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