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Project #8: Window Plant Box

Happy Sunday Everyone! This week I decided on a window box.  I thought about shelving glued to the foam core but I would really like to find some cheap wood, and the goal was not to spend any extra money this week on materials.  I figured a window box should be simple to create with what I have, however I am weak so I did go into Micheal’s to look around, and as I picked up items a lightbulb turned on, and at that moment I put everything down.  I know I could do this just by shopping my house for supplies and scraps.  + I had extra foam core + some faux grass plants + some jute rope to wrap the foam core + and some rocks for the bottom. + Now I’m ready to get started.
Here’s a recap of the project.
I cut the foam core so it was just a little larger than the window + 4 pieces were cut for the sides, front and bottom + this helped to mask the ruff side of the outside wall
Once cut I glued the bottom, front and sides
Now that the box is done I glue the jute twine around the window box to help mask the uneven parts of the foam core
Then I glued the finished box to the back of the window
Then I added the faux grass, and some white rocks
Doesn’t it look great + it actually came out better than what I thought + and I’m really proud of my little window box
Thanks so much for visiting my blog + and come back Sunday where hopefully I can complete something else from my long list here on the Dollplace Project.

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