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Project #7: Lighting

My lighting for my dolly house is done, and I think this is the best project that I’ve done so far, and the easiest one yet. + I had so much fun hanging these little gems. + These would even work for a standing lamp or table lamp provided I can make or find the right vessel to set the LED light in. + White IKEA style lamps could also work providing I can make the paper for the shape . + In my last post I mentioned that I was ordering these little paper lantern LED lights. + They arrived last week and so far so good. + The lights came 24 to a pack and can last anywhere from 4 to 10 hours which is perfect because I’m only using 3-4 lights, and mine are off most of the time just by loosening the cap. + Now I’m trying to plan some other projects that I can use these mini LEDs. + I can’t wait.
Here’s a recap and of my dolly lighting project. + I’m also working on a printable tutorial, and I’ll post more .+ Details to come.
Once I gathered my materials together + my project went quickly
First I pulled the lanterns from the string light + most of the string lights that you find in your local Michael’s or Target store are pretty much the same. + The lanterns or globes should come off pretty easily since you may have to replace a bulb after long use.
Then I broke off a small piece of wire to string through the top of the light + Once through I twisted the top to secure it
Meanwhile I screwed the c-hook to the ceiling where I wanted the lantern to hang + then I just hung the lantern from the hook + it was that easy.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog + and come back Sunday where hopefully I can complete something else from my long list here on the Dollplace Project.

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