Project #6.1: Paint Touch-Up + Decals + and Window Framing

This weekend I managed to do at least two things on my list of projects which was, touching up the foam core walls with chalk paint, adding some decals to one of the walls for decor, and cutting out a window and framing it from the inside. + In the past, I said that I wouldn’t tackle a window again because of the way foam core looks when you cut it. + It doesn’t lend itself to be the smoothest easiest surface, but it is easy to score and cut.  + Since my dolly tower is so flexible I could remove the walls all together but, I do like the effect that the walls give to the space. + Creating them is timely but once in place you really don’t have to bother with them at all. + I wanted to be able to do more but I hurt my back last week so it’s made my simple projects extra difficult, and crouching down to take pictures does not help the recovery process. + I still did what could and here’s a recap.
Not that they will ever be standing in the structure + but I still wanted the window to be the correct height
Since the white foam core was really showing after I made the cut + I wanted to touch that area up with chalk paint + I also touched up another wall where the foam core paper portion tore + because of a command strip pulling away (contrary to popular belief they aren’t the most reliable when it comes to hanging things)
I used painters tape to hold them in place + then glued them to my foam core
Once everything was dry (chalk paint dries quickly) + I put the walls back up and went to work on transferring the wall decals. + My decals are from Blik.  + They’re left over from my living room wall project + and although scale wise they’re too big + bigger worked better in this instance + it’s like adding a life-size decal which gives my little room an art gallery effect
The graphic decal turned out better than I thought + however it took a really long time to transfer because + they are about 3 years old + so the rubbing really took some work + the decals come between this transfer and sticky paper + you turn them on the opposite side and use the tool they provide to rub the decal onto the contact (sticky side) side of the paper + then you peal that surface off and transfer that to your medium again using the tool to rub off the design + it sounds way more complicated than it is + it’s time consuming but really easy
Personally I think the decals turned out way better than the window
Thanks so much for visiting my blog + and come back Sunday to see what’s next on the Dollplace Project.

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