Project #5 Wrap Up: Floors Done!

Yes finally the floor project is done + I mean really + or almost done + but just about done.  My shelf (contact) paper came in last week and I couldn’t wait to put it down.  I’ve used the same product on the ceilings so it was easy to install once you cut it to size + and I must say that it really looks nice + again it’s a doll house + so how authentic should it be (trust me I struggle with this) + enough to please me I suppose + but I really do like how it turned out and now I can focus my attention on my next project.
Here’s a recap of what I worked on last week…
Once I cut the paper down to size it seemed to work + I could fuse the paper together without there being a break in the design of the wood
Here is the finished floor
This is the full diorama + and I must say it’s come a long way since my first post
I also covered the top of the table to make the whole structure look more cohesive + now it really blends into my room well + the top of the Ikea table surface is awful + so it will be easier to keep clean now that it’s covered
Thanks so much for visiting our space + and come back next week to see what I take on next + on the DollSpace Project!

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