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Project #5 Continued: Upper Level Floors Complete

I have finally finished just the top level of flooring.  Yes, yes I know…..I was supposed to tackle both levels but whew….what a bear, and cutting the peel and stick tile ruined every blade that I used to cut it.  Cutting planks was harder than I imaged, and knowing that I can’t cut anything strait made it challenging, for a moment I really thought that I wasn’t going to able to finish this project.  Just getting the tiles cut into planks became a task in itself…I did some at home and took the rest to work to cut on a full-sized paper cutter, and managed to get enough cut to complete what I started.  After completing the cutting and laying them out I thought ok…it looks good but…..maybe I’ll do carpet tiles for the lower level.  Am I chickening out (just a bit), but I am going to finish it.  I still have to work out some kind of edging, so it looks more finished but I will figure that out later and add it to my project list, which means….more fun things to do down the line.
Here’s how they turned out, I really like the finished floors, although they are still not perfect they are for dolls so how perfect does it need to be.
My completed level has some gaps in the planks which I’m fine with + and again I want to so something about the edges to tie it all in + I used the hand weights every time I laid out a new section + weighing them down helped in adhering them to the table top surface + a mini floor roller would have been ideal + but I didn’t think that I needed one for this.
Thanks so much for visiting my blog  + come back next Sunday for the phase 2 of completing the lower level flooring.

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