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Project #3: Side Table

This weekend I’m working on the more challenging task of making some furniture.  I’m going to attempt a coffee table and two side tables. Of course research began on Pinterest, Blogs, and other mediums to see what I could make at 1/4 scale.   I did check Etsy for supplies but found that what I needed was going to be costly.  I’d rather spend money on clothes for my dollies since that’s something that’s completely over my head.  I also have to keep in mind that while I love them they are dolls, so I don’t need to pay a ridiculous amount for wood, wheels or table feet.  This week I stopped at Home Depot, Micheal’s, and raided my own stash of items.  I also have tools on hand to make things go a bit easier.

For this project I used…

  • Wood Block (table top)
  • Wood Slice Coasters (side table tops)
  • Sanding Block
  • Wood Stain
  • E6000
  • Hot Glue
  • Pliers
  • Pipe cutter
  • Deburring tool
  • Refrigerator Coil (for Hairpin table legs)
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint

inprogress2First I cut the pipe to the correct size.  A coffee table is about knee height so I took that measurement on my doll and cut the pipe accordingly.  Bending the coil is easy because it’s flexible as long as you work it slowly, as I learned the hard way with the first one that I bent wrong.  Now that I have everything cut and bent to size I will spray paint my legs.  I didn’t get hanger tape to screw the legs to the underside of the surface so I will pinch them flat with the long nose pliers so that I can use the E6000 to secure them to the bottom.


(Hours later) When will I learn that E6000 (while it has a tight bond) just never works for me.  I ended up using a strong bonding hot glue, which worked better.  Unfortunately that was a fail because the table needed at least 3 legs to stand.  On two it just rolled over. (Arrrghhh!!) 

inprogress3By this time it was after 5pm and I just ran out of steam. I really thought my whole day was wasted on this, so while searching my craft drawer for some other supplies I found some little wheels that I had planned to use in a similar project, but dropped the ball and got busy with other things.  I glued the wheels to the underside of my wood surface and they boned quickly and it works fine so that’s what I stuck with.


This still leaves my side tables, and that glue just didn’t seem to work so now…back to the drawing board.  My side tables will stand with 3 legs but the glue doesn’t hold very well and I’m having a hard time trying to get the legs all the same length.  


So I will save this for next week and try to make my legs work or find something on the cheap to complete my two side tables.  Whew! This was a hard one, but I did accomplish what I wanted and made at least one thing, and I love the way it turned out.






Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope you come back next week to see what I work on next in The Dollplace Project.

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