Project #10: Beginning the Prototype

I’m finally starting on my first bit of furniture, and I know this is going to be a a task. + I want my furniture to be made of wood, even though I plan on adding fabric to upholster them.  The hard part is making the prototype from foam core. + The first thing I did was measure my doll so I could accurately measure the scale of my furniture. + I’m starting with two chairs, and once I cut and glue the foam core then I can get the wood from the hardware store and have it cut down for me. + This weekend there really wasn’t a lot of progress other than cutting the pieces for my side chairs, and picking some fabric. Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 4.08.50 PM
Now I thought the making the chairs was hard, but deciding on the fabric was worse. + I’ve decided to go with a faux leather fabric. + This is what I’ve picked for now but that could change. + I’m not going to purchase anything until I have most of this put together. + I figured that if I went with a faux leather or solid color than I could mix and match other fabrics with it. + This also went best with the curtains, even though I’m changing those out as well to a solid color.
Here are some coordinating fabrics for pillows or other ottomans.


So just a lot of cutting today + and no finished product + I’m hoping to have the chair done by the end of the week + and once I have the dimensions perfect + then I can get my wood cut.

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