Project #1: Curtains

The next task on my project list could not be more easy. Or so I thought. Technically all it requires is some simple sewing, or hem tape.  Now….I can sew (somewhat), and I haven’t done that many projects on my kiddy sewing machine but I do grasp the concept.  

dsc_5608-copyIt took me months to learn, but I now know how to thread it correctly.  I actually made curtains for my dining room using my little machine, and granted it’s not show-stopping but they’re functional and they work with my dinning space.  

All I needed for this project was 2 tension rods, some spare fabric, and a little time.  I ended up not getting the tension rods because they start at 18”-28” in length, but the inside of the table legs are only 17” wide, so I had to scrap that plan.  

I got milk paint, cup hooks, and curtain clips which I thought would do the job, but after hanging the curtains it turned out that they would be too long, because of the size of the curtain ring, and hook which added an extra 3”.  I also ended up not using the milk paint because the finish didn’t work for me.  I do like it so I will save it for another upcoming project.





Ok so the moral of this project is that even though I struggled on what I thought would be easy, I think this project turned out great, and I like how it adds some texture to their little space.  I don’t expect everything to be a breeze but figuring out how to make it work on the fly is great.  

I also added a new foam core wall, and touched-up the chalk wall, which I’ve wanted to do for some time, now I can cross this project off my list, and move on.  I may tweak it a bit but for now it works.


Revisit next week to see what other DIYs I tackle in my doll space project.

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