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Cause you don't what you've got till it's gone…

Yes it’s an old song that applies to just everything  under the sun + what’s my everything + my computer (really) + recently at work we upgraded our PCs (urrggg + must–resist–change) + not that I didn’t want a brand new shiny PC and ginormous monitor + which is spectacular + but I was dreading all the junk that needed to be transferred + before my old PC went away I instructed our capable IT people that…“yes I think I have everything” + and “yes…I use a lot of Adobe products” + I also said that although I have the suite I really on use a small chunk of the software + so when I finally got my new toy + I just knew something would be missing + yes I forgot to export all of my bookmarks + note my passwords etc. + and of course the capable IT people re-installed my Adobe software but not just what I asked for (oh no) they installed freakin’ EVERYTHING!!! EVERYTHING!!!!!!  Adobe offers + which I know that I didn’t ask for + so it took about half the day to uninstall about 10 programs + run the adobe creative cloud tool + and basically clean up + but that was just on the Adobe side + none of the things that I need like my scanner software + time-sheet software + and our meeting room system was re-installed either (nice) +  chalk up another day to remember the links to get that crap back.
But the one thing that was missing which is crucial to my everyday work and play…FONTs all of my fonts were gone + and scaled back the generic ones that come with Windows + (sigh) this is why I use a MAC at home + yes I know it was partly my responsibility for keeping up with this crap + but if you snapshot my “C” drive (you know) like you say you do (because they captured a 10 years worth of music) then dammit why couldn’t you give me my fonts….so irritating...+ any-who + I’ve spent the better part of the last two weeks downloading all of the fonts that were missing + in which I still don’t know what they all were because I had so many + in the last few days I’ve downloaded about 85 fonts (and that’s just the tip of what I lost) + I really just want to bang my key repeatedly on my desk for attention + yes people it’s come to that + so as I end this story what have learned + BACK UP EVERYTHING !!! EVERYTHING!!! (even at your super secured, network-ready office) + it may take some time to accomplish + but let me tell you it would have saved me some frustrating moments.

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