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Fridays + Tracks

I like all kinds of music from various genres + however I do appreciate the music with little or no words + because the music can flow through and swim around my brain with my thoughts + it’s a non-distracting way (for me) to think about things + it’s oddly enough were I find some peace in my day + music is so essential to people + my music begins my day + and ends my day + and it never disappoints me + so what are my tracks to start the weekend….some mellow electronica + but not that jarring techno-electronic + I’m talking about the kind with that Massive Attack flavor + who hands down in my favorite group for that genre + if you want to call that trance or trip-hop or electronica take your pick.   What’s in my ears…

  • Burial | Untrue | Dog Shelter
  • Burial | Burial | Forgive
  • Telepopmusik | Genetic World | Breathe
  • Massive Attack | Collected | Angel


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