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“I’m Not Talkin’ Bout the Linen”….uh Movin’ In

Yes moving in is exactly the mode that were in right now + only because “B” is stressing about moving into the dorms (for the last time) + I can’t imagine living in close quarters + and getting use to someone else’s habits + as well as my roomie dealing with idiosyncrasies of my very own.  This can be stressful but I always explain to my girl that this experience is valuable + it’s an experience that I never had because I didn’t go to college as a young adult but in my late 30s.  I never had the pleasure (or pain)  of having a roommate + nonetheless there will be several uncomfortable situations that young adults have to deal with +  and my homemade advice is to pick your battles because in most cases what you’re fuming about right now is not even worth the trouble + when everything is said and done.
P.S. If anyone is wondering about that title + watch the movie “A Long Kiss Goodnight” starring Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson.

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