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"You Made Me Promises, Promises"

Yes just like the song + I made Summer-time “Promises Promises” I knew I’d never keep + I tried, I really tried + I had this amazing book list to on my Goodreads page + and all of the “around-the-condo” projects I was going to tackle + and yes the sewing… LOTS of sewing + making pillows + shirts for my BJDs + and taking a weekend trip.  Well most of those plans kinda bit the dust + I mean technically my summer is really not over and I’ve got plenty of time to attempt to get some things done.

So far I’ve read “I Love Everybody”, Laurie Notaro, “Phoenix” , Chuck Palahniuk + I’m still trying to get through “The Zombie Survival Guide”, Max Brooks + but it reads like a guide (who knew) so it’s a bit boring at times +  and I just started “John Dies at the End”, David Wong. 

Instead of doing what I really wanted to do (or thought I should do) + I’ve been taken hostage by past seasons of True Blood 1-4, Lost Girl Seasons 1-4, Hemlock Grove Season 2 + starting a Tumblr page + and watching countless other documentaries when I could have been reading + I feel so bad truly I do. 

I was also suppose to use all of my 35mm film in the fridge which is about 8 rolls + ask me what I’ve done…nada + In fact I’ve barely picked up my digital camera.  What I did get done so far is clean the front closet + and donate old stuff + cleaned my oven + wiped down the kitchen walls + and it pretty much stopped there + I really only have 3 weeks in August to try to complete at least 40% of my list + still on tap are new blinds for every room + new closet doors for my bedroom + and reading at least 2 more books + and scrubbing the baseboards…sighhhh + I’m sorry Summer I promise not to make you any more promises that I know I won’t keep + next time it’s early morning coffee + great food + wine filled evenings + and a few books + and lots of movies + I will not set myself up anymore for these projects and then feel bad when I can’t get them done + next time more lollygagging and less work.

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