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As I spend more time on WordPress + I begin to get to know my surroundings and venture out + so I started looking at the categories for “recommended blogs” + and what I’ve found is interesting + I see several hundred blogs + with thousands of followers + in every category from food to fashion + however there’s one thing that at least 75% of them have in common + and that’s between January and May 2014 + they’ve stopped posting + I know what’s it’s like to get busy with life and more important things + but what makes a passionate blogger just stop talking + I know why I stopped for several months + and that was just because I ran out of steam + or I felt like I had nothing to contribute + and the fact that it was starting to feel like work.  What happened to that hobby of posting once or a few times a week that you enjoyed.  If you turn the hobby that you love into work + do you stop loving it + does it become a chore and not what you loved.  It feels like + “well I have to do this because now my readers are expecting something” + I would love to delve into this topic because it’s not just blogs that are affected.
Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 7.33.34 PMI’ve also noticed websites + and other media outlets I use to follow that have ceased to exist. Daily Candy + a very popular site that I use to frequent said goodbye in March 2014 + you start to wonder is all about the dividends (you know cash rules everything around us…right).  There is also the corporatization of several popular sites on the internet.  One that I still frequent quite often is Kaboodle + its primary function is creating list + and links for shopping + thus connecting the two.  When Kaboodle started out + it’s support and staff were so helpful Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.59.29 PM+ staff were on the site everyday + creating blogs + lists + and styleboards + and socializing with the community + then the site was purchased by Hearst Women’s Network + and everything went downhill from there + the personal touch + the gifts that were given just because you signed up were gone + the swag bags + and contest…done. Today you can’t get a live body or response for anything technical from anyone.  So Polyvore a very Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.59.04 PMpopular site has basically taken it’s place with a new user friendly interface + easier clipping from any website + and a way to create styleboards that resemble magazine layouts that are clean and slick looking (yes I have made several).  You can also connect with people of the same interest + get kudos for you style sense + and interact with social media + now I wonder how long it will be before that website suffers the same fate.
It’s almost like the crash of all of the popular magazines + that primarily went by-by in the mid 2000’s like Blueprint + Spin + Metropolitan Home + Vibe + Cottage Home + and Gourmet just to name a few.  I know primarily that most of these publications have gone due the economy + and budget constraints but it’s just so sad + and really a sign of the times.  People drive and create this media + which in it’s early beginnings all started from a blog + or an idea + I’d like to think that I can blog until I’m in my Senior years + but who am I kidding + I guess at some point you have to get your point out there + and then move on.

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