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Does it swing?

Not too many people listen to vinyl anymore with digital files and streaming content + but I’m old (I meant old school) + so I love my records + and two years ago I had the pleasure of taking a History of Jazz course + I mean if you gotta take history + and you can choose + I’d rather listen to Max Roach than the civilization of Western culture…boring + we learned just about everything + from the early beginnings in Dixie-Land + to Big Bands + to Bee-Bop + how to pick out the instruments + jazz format + and everything in between + I only had a few jazz albums to start + but as luck would have it + I found the coolest record store not that far from me + so whenever I have some extra funds + I hit the record store + it’s what people use to do with spare money —> back then + yes I know I’m showing my age here + but I love it + and that’s the whole point really  + I also learned what it means to swing + yes you’ve heard that phrase (“this band is really swinging”) in an old movie and thought + what? + but there is a distinct difference in the way Count Basie swings vs. Sonny Rollins.  Big Bands swing + it’s just their style + so here are a few albums that I own + by far the Count Basie Orchestra really swings but the others jam as well + so if you’re into jazz + try out these artist + and you might be surprised.

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