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Design + Packaging + and Selling oh my!

Green Cowl ScarfDuring an usually energetic and lucid stage early last year + I decided to take my crocheting to another level + in the past it’s only been a hobby + but some co-workers really liked my work so I set out to do “it” + yes “it” + and by “it” I mean create an Etsy Store called “Crochet by Wyetha” + I was preparing a website + taking pictures of my work + and selling it to my co-workers and classmates + now I know like everyone knows that Etsy is the Handmade Marketplace + and I even tried to mimic some crochet styles + I’ve been buying delightful handmade goods from sellers for years + so now it was my turn + but on the cusp clicking on a tab + and naming my store + I froze + I just turned chicken shit + I thought about it too much + then doubt came in + and there Baby Blue Cowlwas a battle in my head + I thought “there are so many sellers” + “their work looks so much better than mine” + “wow look at those patterns” + “mine are so simple + and  “I just can’t compete” + so up went my crochet store in a cloud of smoke disguised as doubt and ill feelings + despite that process + I worked really hard creating my banner and packaging design + I would package my handmade goods in kraft paper + wrapped with black and white bakers twine + with my cool label + but I just wasn’t ready + and until I venture out and try this again (once I get my sea-legs back) + I’m happy to share my work.

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