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I’ve Just Moved

So I’ve made the long-awaited move from Blogger to WordPress + which was no easy feat + it took some time to decide what or what not to use + and just the overall usability + I’ve been on Blogger (blogging) since 2007 + so after 3,000 post you can imagine my hesitation + I’m hoping that my “lovely peeps” that follow me will have a smooth easy transition.   Now that’s cleared up I really need to address the other elephant in the room + for years I’ve been blogging about “my brave yet boring adventures of my so-called life” which included parenting (yes “B” is 22 now) + my job (wiping noses and patting asses, although not in the literal sense) + and school which is the single most important thing to me (besides family).
For those folks who don’t know + I started college later in life  + to pursue a degree (or at least and Associates) in Communication Design + part-way through my degree program I switched to Photography & Media + and although I really thrive in school + one can say I’m finished, so all I would really need to do is apply for graduation (I have to apply? Yeah I’m slow) + but I just don’t want the party to be over (so to speak). Now with this epiphany my blogging style has changed from lifestyle and current trends to happiness + and finding what gives you bliss + and sharing some of my work + with that said + I love sharing my views and outlook on life.
I know that there are billions of pages just like mine + but I started blogging because it was a personal endeavor that I fell in love with + but as time went on I got distracted and burnt out over the years + which prompted the question of  “why am I doing this again?” I’m really glad that now one phase of my college life is over + and a new one is pending + that I’ve got my blogging mojo back.  So now that the 2nd half of my blogging life starts again + I’m glad I’ve got a good platform to work with.

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